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Spare Ribs with Radish

isSpare Ribs with Radish, try this menu it can be soup or side dish it just simple and easy to cook.

Ingredient: Radish (slice), green chili, white onion, pepper, and Pork spare ribs.

Procedure: Choose a young pork spare ribs, cut it according the size you want, set aside, peel and slice the radish, set aside, put water in a casserole the best if you have a pressure cooker, boil spare ribs until it become soft and tender, put the slice radish and the green chili, add with salt then seasoning for you taste, boil it until the radish become tender, serve in hot, it can be a soup or eat with rice.

Nutritional Value:
Radish You probably think of bright red spheres when 
you hear the word “radish.” However, you can also find a type of radish that is long, white and slender — similar in appearance to a small white carrot, sometimes called icicle radishes. The taste is distinctively sharp, spicy and crisp.
Calories, Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium
1/2 cup of sliced white icicle radishes contains about 7 calories, with only about 0.05 g of total fat and virtually no cholesterol. The radishes also contain about 8 mg of sodium. .
Carbohydrates, Fiber and Protein 
The 1/2 cup of white radishes contains about 1.3 g of total carbohydrates, with about 0.7 g of dietary fiber. Fiber is important to help keep your body’s digestive system functioning smoothly. The radishes also contain a bout 0.55 g of protein, which your body uses to repair itself after exercise or injury.
There is about 14.5 mg of vitamin C in 1/2 cup of white radishes. Your body needs vitamin C for several reasons, such as the creation of collagen.
Collagen is a major component of skin, ligaments, blood vessels and other parts of your body. Vitamin C also helps fight free radicals, which can contribute to such health conditions as heart attacks and cancer. The radishes also contain about 7 mg of vitamin B-9, or folate.
Minerals –
There are about 140 mg of potassium in the radishes. They also contain about 14 mg each of phosphorus and calcium, as well as 4 mg of magnesium. These minerals help maintain a healthy body by keeping your muscles and organs working correctly and your bones and teeth strong.
isliIf you like spicy foods, green chili may be a good   addition to your diet. Along with adding flavor to your recipes, green chili supplies a variety of nutrients that may be healthy for your heart. 
A green chili pepper has only 18 calories, so it can support a healthy weight to lower your risk for heart disease. It is free from saturated fat and cholesterol, which raise levels of unhealthy cholesterol in your blood. Green chili can be a heart-healthy alternative to salt for flavoring your food because each green chili provides only 3 mg sodium. A high-sodium diet can cause high blood pressure and an increased risk for heart disease, a green chili can be part of a balanced diet to lower your risk.
Some of the phytonutrients, or plant nutrients, in green chili are alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients are carotenoids and they have antioxidant activities, Antioxidants protect the cells of your body against damage by chemicals called free radicals, and a diet high in antioxidants may lower your risk for heart disease.
Vitamin C 
A single green chili provides 109 mg vitamin C, or 182 percent of the daily value. Vitamin C is not only essential for a strong immune system and proper wound healing, but it is also an antioxidant, Green chili is healthiest for your heart when you eat it with other nutritious foods.

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White Onions – are very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. They’re also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin B6, Folate, Potassium and Manganese, and an excellent source of Vitamin C.


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