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My Experience: iBlog Philippines Blogging Summit.


Blogging is awesome; it can be used in any field. Especially in business, its content use as powerful marketing tool. (#bentalk2013, #iBlog9)

I was overwhelm when I learned, that there is a Blogging Summit, my wife knows that I waited an event like this, so, she registered my name in the event of  iBlog – the Philippine Blogging Summit held at UP College of Law, last May 31,  and June 1, 2013, it was sponsored by Solaire Resorts, Sun iMessenger, Vibal Foundation, and Alfox Computer Center

In the first day. it was opened by Ms. Janette Toral by Flag Ceremony and Prayer then followed by the First speaker Mr. Ben Francia, one of the blogging influencer, He shared his story when he start blogging up to this date that he reach where he is now. He gives the blogger some tips, and then followed by other speaker who also shared their knowledge and experiences to motivate the bloggers/attendees. I take Photo of every lecture in the screen. Each speaker gives us a chance to ask question after their lecture,

On the lunch time, I’ve got a chance to take a photo of Mr. Ben Francia with me, and also to Ms. Janette Toral, I was following them on the twitter for a months and their twit are interesting and good for me as a new blogger that’s why, when I learned that, they are the speaker in the Blogging summit, I feel glad and I plan to meet them and take a picture with them. and also to the EMCEE Flow Galindez.

I thought blogging is just for fun, just a hobby for the people who want to share their thought and experiences but it’s not that’s all about, its almost use in business, speaker and bloggers who attend the event are mostly engage in business, they use their blog to introduce their product to people and to their prospective client, as for me, it’s not yet come to my mind to use it in business, for I have no business yet, for now my fashion in blogging is just to shared, share my opinion, experiences and information.

On the second day its more advance lecture from the speaker, there is a lecture about the legal side of blogging, The Data Privacy Act by JJ Disini. This is what we need most as a blogger, “do not copy and paste” which is plagiarism, that’s should be avoid in blogging. If you commit it, the worst thing happened to you is to have a lawsuit.

This event enhanced my knowledge, it give me more fashion on blogging, I was happy I been part of this event, it also make me to interact with other people, I’m a shy type person, it’s another experience to fight this shyness.

At the end of each day of the event, there is a raffle, on the first day, we won t-shirt of iBlog9 and grocery pack, on the second day, we won another t-shirt, pouch from Solaire, a ball pen and calculator from sun imessenger and Take picture in the Photo boot of Vibal Publishing. But it’s not a matter of that things and gift, we won, but the knowledge we got, that’s the very important thing and we will keep it in our mind and heart.

Thanks to iblog the 9th Philippine Blogging Summit and to all speaker, participant and sponsors. Hope to see you again in iBlog 10.