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Manana Habit.

What is Manana habit? Manana, (man~ya~na) is a Spanish words means, “Tomorrow” a habit of always putting off for tomorrow, of what he can do today. Some people say it’s a bad habit or laziness.

This people who h04112012130as this disease called Manana habit, is always say I’ll do this tomorrow or later, even he can do it right now, this kind of people are hard headed, if you say or command this kind of people you should monitor him because there is possibility that, he will not do right away the thing you tell him to do.`

 One day in our office, our President leave for out of town, for two weeks, he told to his driver to bring his car to shop for maintenance, but his driver tell to himself “my boss are two weeks away before he come, I will bring his car to the shop tomorrow.” the day after yesterday come but the driver still didn’t bring the car to the shop, he tell again to himself ” oh! One week more before my boss arrived I’ll bring his car to shop tomorrow,” but unfortunately his boss arrived without his knowledge, the driver got trouble, because his car brooked down and his boss learned that he did not bring it to shop. That is Manana habit decease.

We don’t know what happen next, so, we should do it right away. Manana habit are for lazy people, lets schedule our work and do it as on schedule, much better, the earlier. Sometime we got in trouble because of this Manana habit like the driver.

People say you will not finish your work, your work will finish you, I think they are right if that be so, you need to do first thing first, that often necessitates leaving some less important thing undone until tomorrow.

Manana habit carries with it the idea of sacrifice, the exchange for things secondary for the things primary, it’s a matter of exchange, not loss and also not a case of laziness but setting priorities straight, one step backward and two steps forward.

But first of all, this must be our priorities, But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Mat 6:33) in this words of God will help us to finish our task, Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own (mat 6:34) let’s do whatever our task to do today, not tomorrow.

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