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Are you familiar with rushes?

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Anemia, Cause and Prevention.

Are you tired and run down? There are many reasons or maybe you are anemic. We rush our co worker to the hospital because she suddenly fell unconscious. After the diagnosis we learned that he has an anemia.

I known if a person has an anemia he/she is a low blood, and its hereditary because my mother and sister have it, also the daughter of my sister, one cure that my mother always told to my sister is to eat ampalaya, a green sour taste vegetable, she said it will help to increase your blood, other say, eat half cooked liver with blood, yakk! how can you eat that. But really an anemia, it bothered me a lot, my family, my friend have it. – See more at: http://broblogger.blogspot.com/2014/07/anemia-cause-and-prevention.html#sthash.eSVdaVEc.dpuf

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Anemia, Cause and Prevention..