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The Dos & Don’t s in Social Media.

I use to live with my auntie because I have no other place to live by, my aunt is not a type of nagger but a disciplinarian, I was 10 years old at that time, she apply almost all the etiquette in her home, like etiquette before eating, while eating and after eating, at 6 PM you should be at home, sometime I say, how terrible because I couldn’t already do what I want to do, it’s always etiquette, don’t do that, this is what you should do, but even like that, I thankful because I learned a good etiquette from her that until now I have it that sometimes called by new generation as old customs. Talking the new generation, the social media like Facebook has an etiquette too, dos and don’t s that sometime we forgot, a reason why others didn’t accept our friend request, blocking us and unfriend us, there is a dos and don’t s in Facebook especially when you are using it in business, somethings you need to avoid and somethings you need to do to help you get on the right track of using social media effectively to help you increase traffic, and sales. I have one rule in Facebook, I will post whatever I want as long as it didn’t offend anybody, but sometimes I break this rule cause of people who didn’t think what they post. Anyway I wish this dos and don’t s will help us all in facing social media.
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The Dos & Don’t s in Social Media..



How can you fight your drowsiness?

It is happen when you‘re doing something like when you are performing your job, you felt not tired but drowsy, you tried every thing to fight for it, there‘s you bite your tongue, slap your face and many thing just to take away your drowsiness but still your eyes closing slowly until you fell sleep without knowing that you already asleep,, all of the suddenly you awoke, good thing there is no worst thing happen.

What happen to me, when i was driving I’m so drowsy maybe because of lack of sleep, ill do all thing to fight my drowsiness but I’m really cant fight my drowsiness, suddenly i awoke, look like i fell slept while driving i notice I’m moving in the middle of the street, God! good thing there is no car on my side, i was terrified, what if there speeding car either of two hospital or heaven. God save me!


Taken from New Era University, INC LIFE Celebration on Oct. 31 2012 #INCLife


I am now giving you the choice between Life and Death, between God‘s blessings and God‘s curse and I call heaven and earth, to witness the choice you make, choose Life.  Det.30:19TEV

New Life in Christ

I am once a Catholic, a Born Again Christian now I’m a member of Iglesia ni Cristo. (Church of Christ)

After I finish my High School I didn’t pursued my college because of financial problem, my father asked me to stop for a year until we get enought money for my study in college, I was sad, but what can I do we’re just poor.

So, I stayed at home, to make my self busy, i‘ve start reading Bible for past time, i have no plan to study Bible because i‘m contented to my Religion, Roman Catholic, althought I have many question about the Catholic Faith and Belief, i believe in the priest explanation about Catholic Belief, I defended the Church to the other people who is against the Roman Catholism.

I‘ll continued reading Bible, from Old Testament to New Testament, everyday from morning to afternoon, untill its come to the mind of my parents that i want to be a priest. the Holy Spirit open my mind.

I have become more serious in reading Bible it told me the Truth, the Words of God is Truth, I found out that some of thier teaching are different from the Bible.

Before i continue my study in college about one year and a half, i stayed at home, i‘ve finished reading the Old and New Testament, i can even debate anyone about the Bible, i did not memorized the verses i just read it continually.

I keep reading my Bible, thoroughly and I‘ve Recieved Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, I stick on that.

After many years of that belief I‘ve met a Born Again Christian, actually i met many chrstian but he is the one who touched me, he told me that it is not enough to just read a Bible, you must go to the Church because its in the bible, says, that you must not forget to attend in Church which is the right place to worship God and to be with other believers and he invited me to thier Worship Service.

So, i become a member of a Born Again Christian, but i‘m not been baptized.

At first i‘m happy because i thought i found the right Religion for me, although they say that it is not a Religion or a Sect.

As i go along in my new found Faith we studded Bible and the Faith and Belief of other Religion, even the Sign and Symbol they use, i read Religious Book and Christian book.

While i‘m in a Born Again Christian, I feel, there is no peace in my mind, i‘m still seaching, i was stumble in other member of the Church, they are Christian but thier attitude is against thier Faith and Belief. i know some of them who do not do it, even the one who invited me.

My mind and heart are still seaching the truth, I stick on reading and studying the Bible and other christian books, books that are pro and against the churches, hoping to find the true church.

I already not attending in the Church but in the other side of my mind i want to return to Born Again Christian because im longing to worship the God Almighty in that place, i have no other place to go, but there is a hindrance the feeling of hesitancy and mix emotions everytime i go to Church.

So I decided not to go, I tell my self that its up to God, infact, I really believed in Him and Jesus Christ, I already recieved Him as my Lord and Saviour.

I live as only believing in the Bible, but my life was not complete, I read and read the Bible but nothing happens, I continued to sinned, I‘m back slider, It come to my mind to enter in the Islam too hoping I find the Truth there, but God is Good, He didnt not forsake me, even I sinned against Him He still Love me, I was always running away from Him, but He still calling me, He is wonderful, a lovely and merciful God he didn‘t allowed me to live in wilderness forever.

And God called me, He use someone to show me the truth, she‘s what is called in term of Church of Christ “Handog” but not yet baptized.

At first, i was not serious when she invited me to go to thier Church, I just want to show her that I love her but always, the devil blocking us to go, because when we get there it closed already, sometime we felt no interest to go to Church, I‘m happy each time we failed, because i‘m not really serious.

We go to Church again, but it close again, intead of leaving, we stayed outside of the gate of the Church. God‘s really merciful, the Head Deacon arrived and he bring us Inside, thats the start of our days in Church of Christ.

After registration we begin to study thier faith and belief while we are studying I want to debate the pastor about his teaching but i cant talk something in my mind telling me, “quiet, he is right” all his teaching was in the bible, I‘ve read it already, its true, he expalaned it, they believe in one God and one Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ they didn‘t believe in Trinity what they believed only in what the bible say.

They have a higher regard on Jesus, other say, who is against the Church of Christ that they didn‘t regard the Lord Jesus. He is the head, which the Church is the body. eph 1:22~23.

As our study continued the Holy Spirit moving on me, I‘m starting to believe in thier teaching but the devil moving too, he want me to back out, but the Holy Spirit is stronger than him, untill we finished our Study and Trials.

Atlast we been baptized, i feel i‘m changed, become a new man, i was in heaven, now i truly believed in Church of Christ teaching, I believed all thier teaching its in the Bible no twisting, pure from the Words of God, the way of worship its very solem, you really feel the presence of God, the love for each other as a brother and sister and other laws is purely comes from the Bible and they put the Bible teaching in thier life. I dont want to return to the Worldly life.

I Thank Father God through Lord Jesus who save me and separated me from Worldly to Heavenly World.

I always Pray to Father God that, He let me stay in Church of Christ till i die and come with him in the Holy City, even in hardship i will stay, Father God will help me.

The Woman who lead me to the Church of Christ is now my wife, I Thank Father God she come in my life if not to her i‘m still in the wilderness roaming around like just nothing. She‘s like an Angel that come from Heaven to save me.

I‘am happy i‘m in the Body of Christ, I’ve found a Peace of mind and Heart and im proud to be a member of Iglesia ni Cristo, Church of Christ a Church from God.

To God be all the glory forever through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.