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How can you fight your drowsiness?

It is happen when you‘re doing something like when you are performing your job, you felt not tired but drowsy, you tried every thing to fight for it, there‘s you bite your tongue, slap your face and many thing just to take away your drowsiness but still your eyes closing slowly until you fell sleep without knowing that you already asleep,, all of the suddenly you awoke, good thing there is no worst thing happen.

What happen to me, when i was driving I’m so drowsy maybe because of lack of sleep, ill do all thing to fight my drowsiness but I’m really cant fight my drowsiness, suddenly i awoke, look like i fell slept while driving i notice I’m moving in the middle of the street, God! good thing there is no car on my side, i was terrified, what if there speeding car either of two hospital or heaven. God save me!