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Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program of the Philippines.

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The Philippine Government launched a PUV (Public Utility Vehicle) Modernization Program, this could be a another achievement for Duterte administration to modernize the public transportation system in the Philippines.

Despite of what happened last Oct. 16-17, 2017. The two days transport rally against this PUV Modernization by Pinagkaisang Samahan ng mga Tsuper at Operator Nationwide (PISTON) the Government are still eager to enforce it on January 1. 2018 and the president say, that if he see the jeepney that is not registered, old, he will tow it infront of them.

The PUV modernization is the government’s long-planned program to make (jeepney, buses and puv vans) public utility vehicles safer, more convenient, more comfortable, and environment-friendly.

The new vehicles will be equipped with GPS and CCTVs to monitor both passengers and driver. It has a speed limiters and safety officers will be assigned. So, be aware racer. It has also a easier access for PWDs and those with limited mobility. Also, According to the modernization program, jeepney drivers should receive standard salaries as opposed to the widely practiced boundary system plus benefits.

With these changes, the new routes rules will be issue. Under these new rules, the local government units (LGU) are required to develop a local transport plan, including, traffic management measures, and a route plan based on existing networks and passenger demand, not like at present the PUV franchises work with route proposals from operators not from passenger. What is this? It’s the issuance of Omnibus Franchising Guidelines (OFG) to ease the old practice and better improvment. Today’s practice sometime cause traffic and inconvenient to the passenger, cost more money because other driver take cutting trip so you have to ride again to be able to reach your destination.

(Photo credit to the owner.)

The questions is, what happen to the old jeepney, are they scrapt?

It’s not, according to the Department of transportation (DOTr) the old jeepney will be modernized to provide better service. The driver operator have a three-year transition period to bring the old vehicles to modernize with the government’s assistance, also to ensure that their vehicles will comply with international and local emission standards. In modernization it’s included the driver character from the Government training program.

The government will help the operators and drivers of public utility jeepney (PUJs) to purchase the new jeepney. Thus, The Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board chairman (LTFRB) Martin Delgra III, Department of Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III and Land Bank of the Philippines President Alex Buenaventura signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) last April 30. 2017. To fund the purchase of operators and drivers of modernized PUJs to replace old and dilapited units. Under the program, operators or drivers can loan e-jeepneys worth at least P1.4 million to P1.6 million with a 6-percent annual interest rate, a very generous, offers loan equity, longer pay period and low interest rates. The other drivers and operator support this Modernization program.

The dotr say this Modernization program is not anti-poor, during the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with DBP, with the launching of DBP’s Support Alternative Driving Approaches (PASADA) Program.

The Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) said that, the Developed DBP’s Support Alternative Driving Approaches (PASADA) Program will offer responsible and reasonable financing for transport corporation and cooperative to allow them to avail a new Passenger jeep.

Financial help for drivers and operator are on the way, the dotr continued looking for financial help to push this puv modernization.

Really, its hard for the beginning especially for the small operator and driver but it is time to modernize the country’s public transport system for the passengers, convenient and safe travel for the 21th Century, both driver/operator and passenger will benefit from this Modernization.

Soon, we will become, one, of the Countries who has the Best Public Transportation Systems.






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