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Legality Issue and First Aid.

It is legal to treat a victim of accident even you are not a doctor? That is a questioned i ask to myself every time I saw an accident because I want to help but I hesitate.

Basic and Advance First Aid with AED.

Our company conducted a basic and advance first aid training and I’m one of the lucky person they choose to train, the first aid training included the use of modern equipment such as, automated external defibrillator (AED) a portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to restore a normal rhythm. This AED will tell you if a person has a heart beat already or you need to perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Also, in our training they taught about why people hesitating o afraid to help the victim and legality.


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How to use A.E.D

As showed in the picture;

(Photo credit to Georgia CPR.)

Some reason why others are afraid to help a person.

Lock of knowledge in basic first aid, hesitation, shyness, timidness,
liability to give first aid, and thinking that they might be blame or to get involve if whatever happen to the victim.

A good Samaritan law.

Legality is not an issue according to our instructor, there is no person that go to jail by helping a victim or giving first aid. When you want to help someone or a victim of accident there is no reason to hesitate, we can do anything for example; assisting in traffic and crowd control. In other country they have, what they call a Good Samaritan Law, a law protect the people who give reasonable assistance to those who are injured or a victim of accident this law is intended to encourage bystanders not to hesitate to assist a victim for fearing they might sued. If you act in good faith why you afraid to help as long you do a reasonable acts.

What is the reasonable acts to help the victim, Conscious and Unconscious?

Check the surrounding there may be something that will endanger your life or the life of a victim.

If the person is conscious, ask him: “sir, sir, are you okey” with a tap on a person’s shoulder, when he answer state your identity.

Move the person only if the person’s life is endangered. Moving a victim is upon your discretion because if you move the person it might cause the person more serious injury.

Call 911

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If you have training in first aid and a person require first aid, ask permission before giving him first aid, if a child, ask the parent. Then, Start administering first aid, stop when EMS arrives then turn over to them.

If the person is unconscious check his breathing by putting your ear near to his mouth.

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Check his pulse or heart beat by putting your two finger in his neck, according to my instructor, they do not use to check the pulse in the wrist because sometimes its fail.

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Give CPR and chest compression to unconsciouse person until Emergecy Medical Service (EMS) arrive.

Without rescue mask.

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With rescue mask.

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Chest compression.

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If he become conscious put him in a recovery position while waiting for ambulance.

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Helping someone in needs is a duty of every one if you act in good faith why you afraid, you can do anything even a little thing is a big help to in needs, even you are no training in first aid, by calling 911 we can save the person’s life.


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