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No Gun, No Glory?


Bullet is~ A PROJECTILE, USUALLY OF METAL, SHOT FROM A GUN AT HIGH SPEED. it has no poison why it can kill? it hot a very hot bullet it feel by your whole body it go to your heart, to nervous system, the to the mind, your shock and nervous, plus lost of blood, you feel weak and sleepy,  that’s will kill you, but if your are strong you can survive.

Back in the day of our training, it can’t be avoided that there is no casualty, my collegiate hit in the thigh but he didn’t  know that he was hit,  he continue what he is doing after a minute he saw the blood and he found out that he was hit, in that, he fell on the ground.

Gun is the very dangerous thing, if you didn’t know how to handle it, it might cause damage to your life or even kill, holding a gun is a big responsibility, the authority given us a license and permit to carry, not because it is our  right, they given it as a privileges.

Some people think that if the authority given us a proper paper we have the right to do or use our gun wherever we want to use or to bring, there is a rule on holding a gun, if we follow the rules everything going fine,

No guts, no glory or no Guns and no Glory, some people think of it, that why they acquired gun, maybe, because if people knows you have a gun they became aware on you, they became afraid on you, is that a glory? oops! I think Not to you, but to your gun, but don’t forget there is mightier than you, the glory of the law,

That’s why the authority thoroughly check the requirement for license and permit to carry but sadly for some instant even the person with mind problem have it. So what happen? they use their gun to scared people and even kill with no reason.

As 14 years in my job as a security specialist, nothing happen to me that i had to use my gun in any of my own trouble, except in the part of my job, its always in my bag, a proper way to bring a gun as a civilian and in the rules, when i off duty i trait myself as a civilian,  i fix my trouble without using my gun, but I’m ready for it, what if my enemy had also a gun, but thanks god, all of my trouble has been fix in proper ways.

The reason why i didn’t show  it in time of trouble because i believe i can fix it in the proper way not in showing a gun to scared, Once you hold or show your gun its already a case. You can be charge with gun tooting or grave trait, if you don’t want to fire don’t hold a gun, it might back fire to you. camera are in everywhere, in the street, in the cellphone, if your action come out in the media, you’re in hot sit. its not the old day that if people saw your gun they will run, today they will make you a star.

One of my experience, we are in the car, my man driving it, when all of the sudden a car block us, he cross the street without signalling so my man step the break suddenly, the car who block us didn’t mind us he speed away so we chased him and when we got him my other companion hit his side mirror with his hand what happen is, he stop and confront us, my man get out of the car with a their gun and point it to the man but sound like he didn’t scared, i was just stay at the car  when i saw the crowd looking at us i pacify them and i talk the man alone and told him to live before my man shot him, and he listen to me.

You know a good word can take away anger, that what i always do every time we got trouble, God grace, nothing happen to me more than the trouble in the traffic. I have a gun but its not my first option. Its just for last resort, that what we are trained as a security specialist, but we didn’t not leave the thought ‘what if, what if he has a gun’ we are ready and alert,

If you want to have a gun think it twice, it’s not a power or an amulet that you can get away if you use it, the grove of gun inside the barrel are recorded in the authority, with your identity, so once you fired it and they got the bullet they can identify whose the owner of it. But if is lose firearm, no license, maybe you can escape, but the God who saw you will punish you. my gun is not for myself but because its a part of my job, on the second thought i might use it for my self if there no other resort, i always pray that i may not use it to kill unless required in the fulfillment of my duty.

There are some points to remember if you have a gun Don’t point a gun to the one that you have no intent to shoot, if you want to practice go to the proper place,  in shooting range, in dry fire make sure its not loaded, check, re~check and double check, they say gun has a devil, for me it not, there is no accidental firing, its negligence, the gun will not fire if you didn’t squeezes the trigger, unless its fell. Second, Assume that every gun is loaded, sometime we forgot the bullet in the chamber, we take out only the magazine, sometime we unload the bullet from the chamber with out taking the magazine, so when the trigger squeezed its fired, Third, trigger finger out, some trigger are very soft, easy to squeeze. familiarize your gun, Fourth, Always point the muzzle of your Gun to safe direction. Keep Gun in a safe place much better if there is a vault with lock.

Gun is only for responsible people. its not a toy, its a killing machine once you fire the spirit of death comes out, he don’t mind who ever he hit, even the one holding it. many people died by astray bullet than the direct hit. let us use it in the proper way. the authority had tighten the law on gun, but they can’t monitor a million gun owner, so that, it is in our hand to be responsible for our gun. for our self and for others. gun is not for glory, if you want glory, glorify God and he will make you glorified by your good did, not by you gun, there no one will glorify you by your gun, but, the devil.

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