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Church Of Christ Grand Temple in the Philippines.

Church Of Christ Grand Temple in the Philippines.

Learn About a Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) Toady.



About BUKLOD 50th Anniversary


There is more to responsible parenting than the mere bringing forth of children. For although couples could not contain their delight in having brought a child into the world, such sheer jubilation is eclipsed by a far rewarding joy of having produced a responsible, God-fearing individual who is an asset to the society.

Iglesia Ni Cristo couples recognize the important role they play as parents. They are fully aware of the noble task God has entrusted them in molding the character and in ensuring the bright future of their offspring. They know that their children grow to be what they are depending on how they rear them. They cannot afford to fail for that may mean a life-long frustration for them and for their children, too.


In their fervent desire to establish their families solidly on the faith and teachings of the Lord as taught by God’s Messenger in these last days, Brother Felix Y. Manalo, Iglesia Ni Cristo parents and married couples have banded themselves together to what is now known as the Buklod (formerly Buklod ng Gintong Layunin).

Since its inception in December 15, 1962, the Buklod has been a potent working force behind many and varied Church activities. Of course, it readily acknowledges the support of the Church administration and the helping hand of God for every successful endeavor which it undertakes.


As embodied by the constitution and by-laws of the Buklod organization (approved and certified by the then Church’s Executive Minister, Brother Eraño G. Manalo, on July 4, 1963), Iglesia Ni Cristo parents strive to achieve the following goals:

  • To become models in their respective households by being strong in the faith and steadfast in their services to God.
  • To help in all Church activities especially in the propagation of the gospel.
  • To strengthen the brotherhood in the Church through mutual understanding and cooperation among the members in any manner not violative of God’s law.
  • To help the brethren to learn and engage in any noble and gainful occupation.


Having reached its golden anniversary, the Buklod is happy to have pioneered in the Church activities which are worthwhile such as family enrichment seminars focusing on topics like husband-wife relationship, parent-child relationship, love, courtship and marriage, and home management. One of the proofs of the effectiveness of the Buklod as a familial organization is the existence of families in the Church predicated on hope, faith and love. Time and again, the Church Administration recognizes deserving individuals and model families, which are shining testimonies of the efforts of the Buklod, nurtured in the words of God.

In the propagation of the gospel, the Buklod has equally proven to be an effective instrument in bringing the Good News of salvation to many people. In fact, Buklod members have been effective instruments in the conversion of their friends, acquaintances, and business associates into the Church.

Moreover, Buklod members fully realize that there are also other needs of the brethren in the Church which must be met. Hence, to foster the social needs of the brethren, the Buklod organizes noteworthy undertakings such as informal and formal get-togethers where the brethren come to know one another more closely. The Buklod also sponsors training-seminars on personality development, physical fitness, good human relations, and other related subjects deemed fit for the brethren in a particular place. Literary-musical groups are also organized, geared not only at tapping and honing the potentials of the brethren, but also of fostering brotherhood and harmony among them.

To promote the health and well-being of the brethren, the Buklod also undertakes trainings and seminars on health care in the home, basic nutrition, safety and sanitation and other subjects designed to safeguard the brethren’s welfare.

An empty stomach has caused many an individual to set aside the spiritual aspects of life. In view of this, the Buklod sets out to help many of its members to find gainful and honest employment. Livelihood training programs, occupational seminars, referrals, and actual hiring are among the varied services that the Buklod organization extends to its constituents. The Buklod organization undertakes all these and many more to help promote and foster Iglesia Ni Cristo families which are productive, law-abiding, and truly responsible as they believe that the family is the basic unit of any society.


Varied though the roles of the Iglesia Ni Cristo parents maybe, they nevertheless cannot afford to neglect their children. God entrusted them to their care. The parents are very much aware that they should look not only after their children’s physical well-being, but after their spiritual welfare, too.

The father of every Iglesia Ni Cristo household fully understands that if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever (I Tim. 5:8).

This is why a father cannot afford to be lazy nor to indulge in dishonest labor. Fortunately, Apostle Paul constantly reminds him, thus: “Let him who stole steal no longer, but rather let him labor, working his hands what is good, that he may have something to give him who has need” (Eph. 4:28, New King James Version).

The wife has her own needs. The children have theirs, too. Not to mention those who may occasionally ask for assistance in the spirit of Christian brotherhood. All those needs are to be met through honest means.

Likewise, a mother who is worthy of her children’s as well as her husband’s respect and appreciation is one who is always busy and looks after her family’s needs (Prov. 31:27). As the husband cannot afford to be lazy, so can’t the wife.

Long before psychologists have written about parent-child relationships, and experts in behavioral sciences have come up with different solutions that hope to bridge the gap that at times exists between parents and children, the Bible, the repository of God’s words has already prescribed how parents ought to treat their children.

In promoting family solidarity, Apostle Paul advises parents not to treat their children as to make them angry. Instead, raise them with Christian discipline and instruction (Eph. 6:4).
These are but some of the duties and obligations that married couples are made to be aware of. Before their wedding, couples are made to undergo a series of seminars deigned to orient them of family life.


God so designs that His creation should live in peace and harmony. He wants man to live at peace with himself, his loved ones, and above all with his Creator. Along this divine purpose, the Buklod strives to see to it that all family members are properly guided by the words of God. From the wife, to the husband, and to the children, God’s admonition rings clear, thus: “Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, for that is what you should do as Christians. Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them. Children, it is your Christian duty to obey your parents always, for that is what pleases God. Parents, do not irritate your children, or they will become discouraged” (Col. 3:18-21, New King James Version).

If all the members of the family follow and keep their respective duties, then harmony and understanding will reign in the home. Broken homes shall be averted. No couple shall go their own separate ways. No children shall roam around unattended and uncared for. The home would truly be a haven of comfort and love.
.Through the years, the Buklod has persevered to strengthen the family, and its efforts have not been in vain. Its aspiration toward responsible parenthood has come to fruition.

The Last Messenger.