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Protection Security

Protection Security or Body guarding is, Protecting and Securing the Life and Properties of a Person or a Very Important Person (VIP) from any harm that can damage to himself and his Properties, also from harassment and all form of lawless acts or deed, in short Bullet Catcher.

In modern way its called, VIP Security Escort. Its vary rare now, a wide source of income especially to ex~policeman and ex~soldier.

In a later years, only the Philippine National Police (PNP) can give a Bodyguard/Police Escort to VIP, especially to the Politicians, in US it is the Secret Service. there are Civilian Bodyguard but its called Private Army or hudlom type bodyguard.

There are Security Agencies can also Provide VIP Escort but there is a question about the legality, because their Licence was a Security Officer License which suppose to be a Security Guard not a Security Escort.

But now a day, The PNP SOSIA/SAGSD has created a course that legalized and give licence to those who want to be a Security Escort/Bodyguard, This course called VIP Protection course.

The SOSIA/SAGSD give a Security Agencies a clearance or authorization to hire and conduct training for Security Escort this course give a Licence and Title to the graduate as a Protection Agent. (PA)

Now, that the Security Escorts has a licence there is no fear in legality to conduct  Security Escorting.

As a Protection Agent, (PA) They are Protecting a Very Important Person as well as helping the country to lessen the kidnapping activities.

They are not Policeman but they can arrest as a method of Citizen Arrest under Phil. Revised Penal Code.