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Security failure.

“we are boarding now, in just an hour we will be there” this is a call from Protection Agent of one of the Richest man in town to their advance party to the island were they are going, they take private plane going to that Island, “control tower we are going to emergency landing” a radio call from the Pilot of the plane, the plane didn’t reach the land it crash in the sea.

The Protection Agent luckily survived but his VIP died, According to the PA after they take off, the PA smell trouble, he ask the Pilot if there is a problem but all of the sudden the plane got loss control and fell/crash in the sea. 

Whatever happen in that accident as a part of Protection Security, its a Security Failure why the VIP died and it will reflect in the PA career. personal+protection

I remember the day of our Training, our trainer told us that “if you VIP dies under you protection and you are alive, it’s better for you to go to Africa than to stay in your career” “ a long time of waiting and boredom in just one bullet everything will gone” he emphasis, the PA should be Alert, have a Presence of mind in all time, he should be flexible in all situation, he should have a scenario, play “what if”.

The PA is hired to protect the VIP, his duty is not to stop the danger but to prevent it to happen, intelligence play a big role in the field of Security protection, be aware of the surrounding and indicator, if you see something Unusual take already a precaution.

PA is a dangerous job, you don’t know who is your enemy is, but your enemy knows you very much, they studded you move before they move.

If you want to be a Protection Agent you should put it in your heart not in your pocket. (High income) remember you are a bullet catcher, saving yourself as well as saving your VIP.